K.E.Y. PLATFORM, New icon of creative global conference

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K.E.Y. PLATFORM | 2014.09.01 14:33

편집자주 |  K.E.Y. PLATFORM English news service
K.E.Y. PLATFORM, the greatest innovative platform of Korea and East Asia, is annually hosted by MoneyToday Media Group. This PLATFORM is where all participants freely have discussions (Knock around), acquire new understandings (being Educated), and create helpful knowledge (Yield everything) to solve challenges faced in everyday operations.

Under this dynamic and open environment, both speakers and the audience are encouraged to freely exchange their ideas and experiences in all sessions, including the plenary. K.E.Y. PLATFORM is an educational conference that wraps up the key takeaways of each session. Different session formats like movie screening or concerts guarantee to keep the audience fully engaged.

The latest in open media technology will be fully leveraged to web-cast all sessions live so that new knowledge generated at the conference can be spread throughout the East Asian knowledge community in real time. Throughout the conference, the MoneyToday Media, Korea’s innovative media group, will also showcase the most promising young leaders already fiercely pioneering the next business frontiers.

On the first platform, K.E.Y. PLATFORM 2013, we presented a report, based on a survey from global top 100 fund managers and a scenario planning method that forecasts the changes that will take place in the global economic environment in the next five years.

On K.E.Y. PLATFORM 2014, we thoroughly observed and analyzed the entire business activities for valuable implications, such as how to identify and create new market space; how to innovate processes and supply chain; how to engage in an enterprise-wide communication; how to manage an organization with both flexibility and agility; and how to respond against the risks posed by the unsecured future.

Previous events ended in great success with approximately 1,000 audiences and 70 global speakers. We hope K.E.Y. PLATFORM will be an opportunity for you to not only hear about the essence of innovation told by the world’s top powerful management groups but also a chance to get a glimpse of detailed manuals on innovation for domestic companies which have been put together by MoneyToday Media in collaboration with the research institutes and consulting companies from home and abroad.