• 지난행사 발표자료
  • 키플랫폼 뉴스레터
  • Marc_Hendrikse
    Andrew Wrobel
    / Founding Partner, Emerging Europe
    If the opportunity to invest in infrastructure on the Korean Peninsula comes, my answer is "Yes."
  • Stefanie_Lemcke
    Edquist Charles
    / Professor, Lund University
    In R&D investment, it is important for the public to complement the areas that the private sector cannot.
  • Duncan_Cross
    Mamuka Tsereteli
    / President, America-Georgia Business Council
    Through South Korea, you can find opportunities for undervalued North Korea.
  • Erik_Lundstrom
    Joakim Appelquist
    / Head of International Collaboration and Deputy Director General International Relations, Vinnova
    When creating a transformative innovation policy, a system must be created.